Education development

Mr Pani Taram, MLA of Koloriang, paid a lot of attention to education. Mr Pani Taram gave special attention to school education and education of girls in Kurung Kumey district. There was a lot of work on education only in 2018. Thanks to this, development work were carried out with the amount of Rs. 5 crores for school development in Parsi Parlo in Kurung Kumey district. For the cost of one crore rupees each, 100 bedded girls’ hostels were built in Koloriang, Sarli and Parsi Parlo. A sum of 5 crore rupees budget spent on VKV Infrastructure In Koloriang. Mr Pani Taram has built School Auditorium from the budget of Rs. 2 crores. Such auditorium at the cost of one crore rupees was made in Sarli. Another 50-bed girls hostel at Nikja at a cost of Rs 1 crore, Mr Pani Taram ensures better facilities to the girls of the area. In order to increase the facilities for playing children in Patuk, Mr Pani Taram has set up a football ground at a cost of 50 lakhs.