Government Office Development

CEO office and Executive Engineers staff quarters were built. Polosang helipad was built. The IB staff quarter in Panyasang was built with a budget of Rs 2 crores. Multi Utility Center at Parsi Parlo is being constructed at a cost of Rs 1.5 crores. A sum of Rs 32 lacs was spent in Koloriang on the development of PWD staff. Spending Rs 40 lakh on Damin to helipad road. Built a helipad at the Border area of Damin Circle with a budget of Rs 45 lakhs. SP office was developed in Rs 3 crores budget. SP quarters for Rs 50 lakh Police Quarters in Parsi Parlo were developed at a cost of Rs 96 lakhs budget. Koloriang Fire Station was developed with a budget of Rs.4.48 crores. For the construction of staff quarters of the electricity department in Koloriang, the budget of Rs 30 lakh was spent. The cost of the nursing staff quarter was developed with Rs. 1.5 crores. A sum of Rs 54 lakhs spent on development of District Arbitrator Dispute Settlement in Koloriang. Development work was done from the budget of Rs 1.5 crore on the Scheme Development Training Center. In MSDP structural development, Rs. 6.77 million, BVC godown Damin was built at a cost of Rs. 54 lakh, BVC godown was constructed at Sarli with a cost of Rs. 85 lakhs budget respectively.