Road Development

With the efforts of Mr Pani Taram, the roads of the streets were laid in Kurung Kumey district. Mr Taram approved 17 projects under the ‘Prime Minister Village Road Scheme’ (PMGSY) in 2018. The contract has been given for a total project worth Rs 469 crore and work is in progress for the relief of the people. So far, with the efforts of Mr Pani Taram in Kurung Kumey district, there has been a road constructed from Parli Parlo to Damin at a cost of Rs 42 crores. The road was constructed at the cost of Rs 11 crore in Koloriang. Roads were constructed from Patuk to Panyasang at a cost of Rs 17 crore 96 lakhs. A road was built up to the cost of 15 million from Yumlum to Libya. Two crore rupees were spent in road development from Sarli to Polosang, and pavements were constructed at a cost of Rs 4 crore budget in Koloriang, Damin and Sarli. With the decision of Mr Pani Taram, the road was built to the forest office at a cost of Rs. 1 crore 76 lakhs. Rs. 6 crores road development budget from Parsi Parlo to Patuk and 2 crores of rupees spent on the road to Hydro powerhouse.